Seaside Day

Monday, 24 July 2017

Friday 14th July

Seaside day

The seaside came to the moors care centre on Friday 14th July. When you picture a day at the seaside you think fish and chips, Ice cream, games on the beach and donkey rides. Well we had it all! Residents took a trip down memory lane when they enjoyed a little slice of heaven eating fish and chips out of newspaper which they all agreed made them taste better! Residents took part in several games including a coconut shy, hook the duck and tin can ally. All winning authentic prizes like a goldfish in a bag! Don’t panic they weren’t real we didn’t want to risk mum telling us off! We couldn’t quite manage a donkey but that didn’t stop us we got the next best thing with a visit from a miniature pony. The residents loved petting the pony and we got some great photographs. Later in the afternoon residents enjoyed a ninety-nine from an authentic ice cream van. As usual we finished the day of with singing provided by Carla which got everyone up and dancing all in all a fantastic day.


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